3 reasons to consider a private duty care franchise?

The adult social care sector continues to grow exponentially due to the changing demographics of the UK. We are an aging population and our over 65’s are increasingly wealthy. Increased life expectancy, better living conditions and pharmaceutical advancements mean people are living far longer than they used to. Whilst increased life expectancy is to be celebrated, old age brings with it a plethora of complications to health and wellbeing. Retirement ages continue to creep up, meaning sons and daughters – still working – can’t offer the same level of support to aging parents that they once did. Families now tend to live further apart, and the needs of aging loved ones become increasingly complicated. Calling on the services of a care company is no longer a last resort, it’s a necessity.

The funding of care through the local authority is a problem area and many families are recognizing the problems that come from this sort of care. They are voting with their feet and deciding that if they want better care for their mum or dad that they are going to have a pay a little towards the cost of their care. Private duty care is the only real opportunity for growth in the sector.

Reason 1:
Private client only care providers, such as Visiting Angels are not dependent on the funding from local authorities which has been squeezed by austerity. By focusing on private client work Visiting Angels Franchisees can charge more for their service.

Reason 2:
Visiting Angels is able to afford to make caregivers the most important people in the business. The higher prices charged for their service provide the resources to look after carers. Better caregiver pay, conditions and rewards for loyalty build stability and deliver better consistency and continuity of care. This model also encourages new carers into the industry, carers who are not prepared to work in a traditional care business.

Reason 3:
The market for private duty care is far less competitive. Visiting Angels is already one of the world’s largest care franchises with over 600 franchisees in 5 countries. In the UK the majority of care providers have built their business around local authority funded care with a model that pays carers poorly. Very few care providers focus on the private pay market place and even fewer have the marketing knowledge to attract private paying clients. Visiting Angels has 20 years experience in the private duty care market.

If you want to run a business where you can make a profit and also make a difference. If you want to change the way care businesses are run by building a business which makes carers the most important people in the company. If you have £25-30k in liquid capital to invest in a business with the potential for a million pound plus turnover by the end of year three. Request more information and tell us what makes you different as a franchisee.