Visiting Angels franchisee smashes care hours milestone

Within six months of launching her in-home care franchise in North Surrey, Lynn James has smashed through her first target of the number of care hours delivered. In July, she set herself a goal of 500 hours for the first year – she’s completed it in half the time. Despite launching her business during a pandemic and the worst economic crisis the world has seen in over a decade, she’s shown true perseverance to get the results.

“I suspect a lot of people thought I was mad to launch a care business in the middle of a pandemic,” said Lynn. “The reality of it is that it just highlighted the important role that caregivers play in communities across the UK. To reach this milestone makes me extremely proud, but it’s even better knowing that I did it even quicker than I imagined. It goes to show that our carer-centric approach works.”

The passion for care was evident right from Lynn’s youth. After spending many years in nursing, she secured a job with the Alzheimer’s Society, responsible for directly supporting families affected by dementia and developing support services to make an impact. It was in this role that Lynn came into her own and, after 15 years, she was ready for a change, becoming an Activities Coordinator at another care franchise, Home Care Instead.

“I’d experienced all aspects of care in my career, spotting opportunities as I progressed. My experience at Home Instead was a common one, similar to most care providers – battling with issues such as underpaid and underappreciated caregivers, rushed client visits and a stretched workforce. That’s when I came across Visiting Angels, which offered an entirely different and refreshing approach.

“I learned all about the world of franchising when I was at Home Instead. I saw how well it worked, recognised the support on offer and understood the benefits of investing in a much larger brand. Everything was pointing towards Visiting Angels for me to spread my wings. Not only would joining a franchise give me the best foundations to build upon, but I would also have an existing network to look to for guidance, advice and support throughout the life of my business. The difference with Visiting Angels was that they put carers at the heart of everything they do, resulting in fewer challenges with staff turnover than the industry norm and satisfied clients welcoming familiar faces delivering their care needs.”

Six months later, Lynn has indeed spread her wings. With her team of 15 carers, Visiting Angels North Surrey is providing their unique care service to clients across the territory. Another goal she put in place for the first year was to offer 25 recruitment opportunities to local residents – with her loyal team of carers and two members of office staff, there is no doubt that this target will be smashed too.

“The future of the business is looking extremely positive. It sounds corny, but I’m constantly looking forward to meeting the next client and providing them and their loved ones the support I know will make such a difference to their lives. That’s what really puts a smile on my face.”

Dan Archer, Managing Director for Visiting Angels, is proud of Lynn’s success in the face of such a challenging landscape. With his office in Sheffield celebrating their own successes during 2020, delivering over 1,750 care hours a week, he’s confident that Lynn will be nipping at his heels very soon.

“I’m extremely proud of how far Lynn has come,” said Dan. “She’s proven to be a very focused and determined care professional. She’s a champion of our carer-centric approach, taking every single opportunity in her stride and really embodying the Visiting Angels culture. I’m excited about what’s in store for her in 2021!”

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