Visiting Angels- A Thousand Tiny Thank Yous- Conference & Awards

On November 25th, 2022, Visiting Angels hosted its Annual Conference and Awards ceremony at The Edwardian, Manchester. The event brought together franchisees, registered managers, and staff members from across the country to learn, network, and celebrate the achievements of the past year.

The conference started with a welcome address by MD, Dan Archer, who highlighted the company’s growth and success in the last year. He recognized the hard work and dedication of the franchisees and their teams in providing high-quality, compassionate care to seniors in their communities and for being a shining example of Carer Centricity.

The keynote speakers included decorated professionals Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE other speakers included professionals from Business, Digital Media, Training and motivational fields. They shared their expertise and insights on various topics. The attendees also participated in workshops and roundtable discussions that addressed specific challenges and opportunities in their roles as registered managers or business owners.

After a long day of conference, we put our glad rags on for the Evening gala which kicked off with a round of bubbly Prosecco followed by a Thanksgiving-themed food. The attendees socialized, and shared their experiences and insights from the conference. The event created a sense of community and camaraderie among the franchisees and their teams, and a renewed commitment to be Carer Centric.

The highlight of the evening was the awards ceremony, which recognized the outstanding achievements of Franchisees, Caregivers, and Registered Managers. The awards were presented by Visiting Angels’ MD- Dan Archer.

Here are some of the winners and their comments:

Franchisee of the Year: Visiting Angels North Surrey ( Lynn & Chris James)

“We were absolutely delighted to be presented with the Franchisee of the Year Award at the national conference this year. It was especially heart-warming that our start up team attended the conference with us and for them to witness the amazing growth of the network since last years conference. We are looking forward to an even bigger conference next year.”

Brand Champion of the Year : Visiting Angels South Hertfordshire ( Gareth Redmayne )

“When I signed up to Visiting Angels in 2019, it was a huge leap of faith as there were no other franchisees operating in the UK. However I knew how successful Visiting Angels was over in the US and I was confident that this success could be replicated in the UK. I have been completely right!

Since starting my Visiting Angels branch in South Hertfordshire, I have worked hard to set up a business that truly looks after both clients and caregivers. I have been resolute in keeping to key brand promises like being carer-centric as well as ensuring that our care calls are a minimum of one hour. I was delighted when the Care Quality Commission rated us as “Good” in November 2021 due to the high quality care we provide.

I have also tried to be available to my fellow franchisees who have given me so much support. As the network has grown, some really capable franchisees have joined Visiting Angels from a huge range of backgrounds. Visiting Angels is growing strongly into a market leader in care and I do believe that this is down to both the talent of the team at national office as well as the excellent franchisees joining VA.

I was thrilled that Visiting Angels South Herts was recognised at our Annual Awards Dinner in November 2022 with the Brand Champion award. It was great to receive such a positive endorsement from the Visiting Angels top team that we are delivering care in line with Visiting Angels high standards. It was equalling thrilling to be congratulated by our franchisee peers who see Visiting Angels South Herts as setting the standard in the network. ”

Newcomer of the Year: Visiting Angels North Shropshire ( Nicky Sealey & Mark Goodall)

“It is an absolute delight to be working alongside the rest of the family at Visiting Angels and fantastic to receive newcomer of the year! It’s been hard work but our team are making such a difference in the community with quality care. We are bonding with the community and bringing our company values of Nimble, Family, Freedom and Relationships to the heart of what we do. We are very proud of our team and the differences they are making; we shout about them at every opportunity as we are so proud of them. It was a pleasure to be rewarded and to feel so valued as one of the newer franchisees.”

Registered Manager of the Year : Shannon Middleton Wearne (Visiting Angels East Dorset)

“The Annual conference and Awards Ceremony ‘A Thousand Tiny Thankyous 2022’ is one that I will never forget throughout my whole career. The conference was exceptional, the workshops were full of knowledge, guidance and support for the topics I had picked and I came out of the day feeling truly inspired. The Awards Ceremony was even better than I had anticipated.. to be recognised, nominated and to then win two awards, to be selected as ‘Visiting Angels Registered Manager of the Year 2022’. This was a huge milestone in my career, to which resulted in me feeling fully supported, appreciated and encouraged to continue to be my true and authentic self as I continue my professional career with Visiting Angels UK in the Adult Health and Social Care Sector.”

Caregiver of the Year: Jane Woodhead (Visiting Angels East Staffordshire)

” The award was totally unexpected however I felt totally overwhelmed and was delighted to be so appreciated for the first time in my 34 year career.”

In conclusion, Visiting Angels’ Annual Conference and Awards 2022 was a resounding success, showcasing the company’s commitment to carer centricity. The event brought together franchisees and their teams from all over the country to learn, grow, and celebrate their achievements. Congratulations to all the winners, and best wishes for another great year of serving seniors with dignity and respect.

Stay Tuned for updates about this years conference and awards , scheduled for December 2nd, 2023 in Birmingham.