Growing Market

If you’re considering a franchise in the care sector, then you will already understand the opportunity in the market. The harsh reality is, we’re all going to get old. As care business owners, we have a choice to make as to what care for the elderly, the ill, the disabled and the vulnerable is going to look like in the future. That’s where you fit in.

The care sector is a growing market. And it always will be. Pharmaceutical advancements and better living conditions mean that people are living longer than we used to. Which means that the number of people needing care is increasing too.

  • By 2024, more than 20% of the population will be aged 65 and over
  • 9million people in the UK are over the age of 85
  • A staggering 2.5million people in the UK will be over 85 by 2035

Source: Office of National Statistics

Whilst increased life expectancy is to be celebrated, old age brings with it a plethora of complications. From conditions such as Arthritis, Angina and reduced mobility, to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Stroke. As well as the crippling effects of loneliness, which is now fully recognised as a national killer. Retirement age continues to creep up, meaning sons and daughters – still holding down jobs – can’t offer the same level of support to aging parents that they once did. Families now tend to live further apart, and the needs of aging loved ones become increasingly complicated.

All of which means that calling on the services of a care company isn’t just a last resort anymore, it’s a necessity. We intend Visiting Angels to be first on the call list.

Social care system

No discussion around the state of the NHS and Social Care sector would be complete without acknowledging that whilst growing, the market is also extremely distressed. Government funding is regularly made available to the NHS but social care is rarely included in these financial pledges.

The Visiting Angels model is designed to mitigate the landscape and grow profitably, whilst advocating a long-term change that the system so desperately needs.

How we solve the problems in the market

Recruitment and retention

This is the single biggest challenge faced by care companies in the UK. Care workers regularly leave their jobs citing a feeling of being overworked and undervalued. Frustrations around the levels of support they can actually offer their clients in short 15, 20 and 30-minute visits are compounded by a social perception that care is somehow a less than worthy vocation. The industry standard is to pay carers minimum wage for what is, arguably, one of the most important services in our society.

Being carer-centric

At Visiting Angels, we directly tackle these problems by being carer-centric. What does that mean? It’s simple really. It means that we’re committed to treating our carers with respect, valuing them for their commitment and rewarding them for the fantastic support that they provide to our clients.

We believe that, by treating our carers well, they are empowered to deliver an exceptional service with genuine care. Our approach sees us start from the core of the company and work outwards – placing carers at the epicentre of our success.

Our Mission is To lead the UK care sector as an Employer of Choice by 2030, creating an environment where our carers can care more, clients can live better and families can feel assured.

To redefine the role of carers in society and by so doing deliver a new standard of person centred care.

We proudly uphold our carer-centric stance by:

  • Industry Leading Pay rates
  • Paying our caregivers mileage, travel time pay & Holiday Pay
  • Enrolling all of our caregivers in our company pension scheme
  • Loyalty bonus for length of service
  • Guaranteed pay increases each year
  • Paying for caregiver’s cares to be serviced once a year and valeted every six months
  • Providing a company mobile phone
  • Organising team events and social days for our cars (we love BBQs and bowling nights!)

We believe that those who choose to care, deserve better. Do you?